Hey guys! My name’s Itxy, and today we’re talking about the 3 things that are detrimental to your growth and how to let them go.

In this channel, I’m always encouraging you to grow, but there are some things that hold us back or that don’t let us grow as much as we would like to.

So, I want to bring the spotlight onto them so that you’re able to grow without these things bringing you down.


3 Things that are detrimental to your growth - reading too many books at once

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I’m always going to push you to take online courses, to read self-help books, to read articles, and to get your hands on as much information as possible.

But, there is such thing as taking in too much.

If you’re consuming, consuming, and consuming, then you’re never going to have time to actually apply the information in your life. You can read 10 books in one month, but one book does contain a lot of information.

It’s information that’s actionable, that you can actually use. If you read one book that has a lot of actionable steps and you don’t use them, then what was the point?

If you finish reading a book, and then you go straight to the next one, then there was no use in reading the first one because you’re not applying the information you learned.

Knowledge is useless if you don’t use it.

You can learn how to cook the greatest pancake, but if you don’t actually do the steps necessary, then you’re never going to have anything, and the knowledge becomes useless.

If you want to grow and improve, then take the information from one course or one book, and then apply it to your life for a while and see if it works.

If it doesn’t, let it go, but if it does, keep doing it. That’s when you can finally move on to the next thing.


3 things that are detrimental to your growth — an impatient Judge Judy

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You can’t be impatient when it comes to personal development or self-improvement. You can’t just read one article about self-love, and then believe that once you’re done you’re going to automatically love yourself.

You’re going to have to, again, apply the information that you learned.

If you read a self-love article, and it’s been a week, and you’ve been using the information, that doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to love yourself.

Personal development is a never ending journey, and even though you’ll learn to love yourself better, you’re never going to be at 100% self-love. That’s now how it works.

You’re not going to constantly be happy with yourself. You’re going to have days where you’re insecure or angry or anything because we’re human.

So, you are going to learn how to love yourself, but even that will take months.

It’s a thing you can’t see. If you’re writing a 1,000 word essay, you can see the progress, and in the end, you see the final 1,000 words done. It’s not like that. You never see it completely done.

You see progress, but you don’t see an ending. But, don’t let that stop you!

Just be patient with your growth and keep going because it all comes down to either you’re doing it or you aren’t.

Either you’re having a positive thought or a negative thought, and I would much rather have the positive thought, wouldn’t you?


Danny Devito shaking his head no

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Don’t be closed off to trying different methods or the ideas that you learn from the books and articles you read.

Don’t be closed off to meditating even if it seems boring. Be open to using your subconscious mind even if it sounds weird. Even if you don’t believe in the power of the mind, just give it a try.

(Not a fact, but) a million people are saying that meditation works, and that it distresses you. So, if a million people are doing it, are you not going to do it just because it seems dumb?

There’s proof out there that a bunch of these concepts work, and so just try it, even if you’re against it.

Don’t knock it till’ you try it.

If you don’t like something once you try it, then that’s totally cool! Not everything is for everyone.

I’m just saying, don’t say it doesn’t work if you’ve never tried it because it could end up being your lifesaver.

Meditation, just as an example, can seem stupid to you but it can end up being the one thing you depend on to distress you from now on.

So, try anything and everything.

Whatever concept that you read or hear about, apply it to your life. Once you have, that’s when you decide if you’re going to continue using it or not.

Don’t quit after trying something after just one try because one try of anything isn’t enough. Actually apply it for a while, and that’s when you decide, “Okay, this is beneficial for me,” or not.

Don’t assume that you don’t need something just because it sounds stupid or it’s weird. Just try different things.

Those are the 3 things that are detrimental to your growth! Let me know in the comments below if you’re doing any of these, and if you’re going to stop them!

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