“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

Let me start this off by being very real with you: following your dreams is a very scary thing to do. You don’t know how long you’ll take to get to where you want to be, you never know if something will turn out the way that you want it to or not, and it involves a lot of hard (and smart) work, perseverance, and determination.

But, even though all of these scary things are involved in the process, so are a bunch of small successes, plus the ultimate result you’d been dreaming of since you were 5-years-old.

You have one life, as you already know. Take a second to think about this question I’m about to ask you:

Would you rather risk everything and end up happy as you live out the life of your dreams OR would you rather live inside your comfort zone and work under someone as they live out the life of their dreams?

If you’d rather work for someone and you’re comfortable with that choice, well then that’s okay! I’m glad you’re happy doing that, but this article isn’t for you…unless you’re curious as to what else I have to say, then, by all means, keep reading.

Now, if you’re really terrified, but you want to live out the life of your dreams, then congratulations! You are beyond brave for making that decision and it’s already something you should celebrate. Not a lot of people are brave enough to say fuck it.

I’m really glad that you’ve decided to pursue something different because as Jim Rohn says in the quote above if you’re not planning out your own path, you’ll fall into someone else’s and frankly, they don’t care much for you. They don’t have plans for you to succeed the way that they are, they aren’t going to personally help you start your own business.

Which is why you have to make the choice to do so yourself, no matter how much fear is there trying to tell you that it’s not safe.

So, if you’ve made the choice, I want to give you 3 ways to remain motivated for when you do get started because like I said, shit will be hard (but worth it).


When things get too hard and you start asking yourself if you should give up or you wonder what the hell you’re doing with your life, you need to ask yourself why you started in the first place. What made you want to start following your dreams?

Do you want to become a millionaire? Do you want to live in the city of your dreams, an expensive city? Do you want to have the freedom to travel, and do whatever you please after you’ve reached your goal? Do you want to give all of your money away?

Whatever the reason, it’s imperative that you keep your goal in mind. If it was enough to motivate you to get started, then it should be enough to keep you going.

If you were to give up, how would you feel knowing that you’re not going to be living the life of your dreams like you had planned?

Keep going because there was a reason you started.


Imagine this: you’re in a retirement home and everyone’s sharing stories from their past. The old man in the corner is talking about the time he traveled all around Europe when he was 30, after working hard in his 20’s. There’s excitement swirling around his eyes and he has a smile on his face as he recalls the adventures he took.

Then, he talks about the time he bought his first home with his wife, and it was huge. It had a great pool and a mini movie theater.

That’s where all his kids grew up and he was happy all throughout all those years as he taught his children to follow their own dreams and to remain humble.

He was able to take his family to a different place once a week whether it be bowling or laser tagging, or on a vacation in another country. Together they created memories that they wish to never forget. In the end of him sharing his stories, he has tears running down his cheeks from joy.

Then, other people go and next thing you know, it’s your turn. You share some stories and happy memories that really did bring you joy, you didn’t live a miserable life.

But, you still can’t help but feel a twinge of regret for all the things you wish you should’ve done, for giving up when everything got too complicated. And you also feel something you hadn’t felt in a while–jealousy.

You’re jealous because the old man in the corner was able to give experiences to his family he hadn’t been able to because even though you’d gone to a few different places in your lifetime, you hadn’t traveled as much as the old man.

You know that your kids are grateful for you, but still, it would’ve been nice to take them to a different country.

You go to bed that night, your mind and soul drenched in regret, and you dream about all that could’ve been, but now it’s too late. You’re 85 years old and you know that you can’t walk around like you normally used to.

Your kids are all grown up with families of their own and they can’t just stop everything in their lives to go on vacation with you.

So, you just lie there and dream about all you gave up because things were too difficult because everything required too much work you didn’t think you were willing to put in.

Point of the story: Do it now or you’ll regret it later. And regret fucking sucks.


Obviously, you need to work really freaking hard if you want to reach your goals. However, you shouldn’t overwork yourself to the point where what you’re doing is too tiring and you start dreading it. You need to take breaks after a while.

I don’t even mean a full weekend, but if you can dedicate at least one hour every day to another hobby of yours like practicing your guitar or crocheting, then you won’t go crazy.

Keep yourself sane and get yourself grounded and you’ll be able to keep going no matter what.

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