If you’re hesitant to invest in personal development, then you’ve clicked the right article.

You’ll be jumping into your car to buy self-help books and start chasing your life by the end of this!

”Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” —Lao Tzu


Trick question—you can work on both at the same time.

When someone thinks personal development, they think Ew, work. However, when someone thinks of happiness, they think I want that.

Why is it that we’re attracted to happiness more than personal development?

People invest in personal development more and more every day, but it’s still not something people take very seriously. People don’t think that personal development is worthy of their time. In fact, some straight up think that it’s selfish and a waste of time.

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But, happiness?

Almost everyone wants to be happy, but only 10% of the general population are open to working on personal development. (I don’t remember where I got this fact from!)

Why? Because happiness is backed up by science and positive psychology. Personal development, though some is backed up by science and studies, the majority of beliefs and ideas simply come from big names like Jim Rohn and Napoleon Hill—ideas that they wrote about and spread.

Ideas that work, by the way.

Here’s the big thing:

Personal development and happiness? It’s practically the same goddamn thing.

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“When you read all the research about what it takes to raise your level of happiness, you begin to realize that these scientists are describing exactly the same kind of behaviors that all the personal development teachers have been advocating for decades, just applied in a slightly different context.” —Jeff Olson

The major difference between these two? Personal development just sounds less attractive than happiness.

I want to convince you to invest in personal development. So, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in personal development.


Invest in personal development to be happy

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Since we all love happiness so much, I figured I should make it the first reason to invest in personal development.

You’re happier when you love yourself. You’re happier when you’re confident in yourself. When you’ve taken control of your life—well, I’m sure you know what I’ll say next.

Life in general is just easier and better. Why? Because when you love yourself, you’re unafraid to be you. You’re not scared that someone will find out that you love a certain pop artist when everyone else in the room doesn’t.

There’s no need to worry about hiding behind a mask because you can’t find a reason to do so. You know that you’re unique—thus fucking awesome—so there’s no shame in being you.

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I’m not saying you’ll never have a bad day again, I’m just saying that life in general is filled with more joy when you invest in personal development.

Confidence makes it easy for you to step out of your comfort zone. It makes it easier for you to take risks, to be willing to be rejected and hear a no. Mentality shifts help you look at the positive more than the negative.

ALL of this leads to happiness.


Invest in personal development to have a strong mind

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If you invest in personal development, you’ll see that it has a lot to do with mentality shifts, and the subconscious mind, and all that good stuf to make your mind stronger.

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This is a really good thing. When you work with your mind and make it work for you, then you’re winning. You create habits that’ll get you to where you want to be.

Having a strong mind makes it easier to:


Invest in personal development to have personal power

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“The literal definition of power is the ability to act.” —Tony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Developing confidence, self-love, your idea of worth, self-appreciation, positivity, good habits, and so on, helps you act.

It’s much easier to take action when you believe in yourself and in your actions, then when you don’t. Taking action is everything. This is where you gain power.

Words are strong and important, but talk (sometimes) is just talk. It’s what you do that defines you.

If you want to get going and reach your goals, then personal development will help you do that.


Invest in personal development because you deserve it

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Frankly, this should convince you more than anything else, and if you don’t think that you deserve it, then this should convince you that you should invest in personal development.

Well played, right?

Really, you deserve to be your greatest self. You’ve gone through so much shit. The least you can do for yourself is learn to improve and love yourself!

You’re already getting so much crap from others, you don’t need anymore from yourself—the most important person in your life.

So, please—invest in personal development! I want you to be happy and feel okay with yourself because you deserve to feel that way.

Let me know down below—are you going to invest in personal development? Type HELL YES if you are! See you there.

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