Hey guy’s. I’m Itxy, and today we’re talking about 5 things that Jessica Jones taught us!


Before you continue watching, this video is about season 2 of Jessica Jones, so if you’re not caught up, then I don’t recommend watching this because there are spoilers!

But that said, let’s get into the first lesson that Jessica Jones taught us, and that is from Jessica herself.


Jessica Jones - You can't run from your problems

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Eventually, the shit you burry is going to come right back up and haunt you until you figure it out. That’s just how it works.

You can’t hide from your problems, you can’t hide from your feelings, you can’t hide from your fears or insecurities forever. You have to face them, so that they don’t keep crawling up and scaring the crap out of you.

Running won’t do anything. Your problems will just pop up over and over again until you confront them, so you have to show up.

Once you do make the decision to face the problem or bad situation, you can’t just decide to face it, as in you can’t just accept it and then not do anything about it out of fear.

“The only way to live with it is not to wallow in it.” —Jessica Jones

Feel the fear, feel the emotions because that’s important! You have to feel everything that comes along with what you’re dealing with first, but that can’t be the only thing you do.

DecidE that you’re going to deal with whatever is going on and then actually do something about it.


Patsy Walker in Jessica Jones - Be okay with who you are

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I think that the word I would use to summarize Trish this season would be insecure.

First, we find out that she breaks up with her fiancé of 5 seconds, Griffin, because she didn’t want to be with him, in reality, she wanted to behim. We see proof of that when she spites him when he’s on tv, and he’s on edge of war, and she insults him about it.

Then, she tries to get powers, and then, almost gets herself killed because she wants to be like Jessica. All because she wasn’t okay with who she was. She didn’t feel like she was enough.

She wanted to be something more. It didn’t matter that her mom thought she was enough, it didn’t matter that she had all these fans supporting her, and it didn’t matter when Jessica—her best friend, her sister—was telling her that she was great the way that she was.

Trish went too far, and sometimes we will, too.

We’ll completely sabotage ourselves and disguise ourselves because we don’t like who we are, but you need to be okay with who you really are.

You’re the only you that will ever be, and if you’re not okay with that, then you’re wasting away who you are! You are who you are because that’s who we need you to be.

So learn from Trish, learn from her mistakes, and accept yourself and who you are, and don’t try to change.


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“Life is about people. Choosing who you surround yourself with, choosing very carefully.” —Jeri Hogarth

Building relationships is one of the most important things you can do. It’s good to have people that you can depend on, people that can help you and love and support you.

And Jeri was also right when she said that you have to choose carefully. You can’t surround yourself with toxic people who treat you like shit and only bring you down. People that don’t support your dreams and don’t want to talk about the way you feel.

You need to surround yourself with positive people who not only make you feel good and support you, but are also people who inspire you to want to grow and improve, and just become a better person in general.

So, find those people! (I know you can do it.)

Don’t be picky—the friends that you find, you don’t have to have anything in common with them. As long as the relationship feels good in your gut, then you’re good to go.

It’s important who you hang out with, so just make sure that you’re choosing the right people!


Malcom asking Jessica Jones what they're going to do

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Malcom is a damn good friend.

I know in the end, it looks like he’s going to betray Jessica when he goes work for her nemesis, basically.

Besides that, throughout almost the entire season, Malcom is a really good friend who sticks around no matter what, no matter how many times Jessica fired him.

And like he said, he believes in people, and so he kept that in mind when Jessica just brushed him off. What Malcom teaches us is to be good, loyal friends, and just good people in general!

Don’t talk shit behind people’s back. Don’t judge others. Stand up for anyone who’s bullied. Don’t betray your friends or lie to them.

I know it sounds like such elementary school advice, but sadly this is advice that we need to hear at any age.

Whether you’re 5-years-old and starting kindergarten or 71-years-old and President of the United States.

So, don’t be an asshole. Just be a nice friend and person, like Malcom. The last thing this world needs is more judgmental, rude people when we already have so many of those, so just be a kind person!


Jessica Jones asking for help

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It’s okay to ask for help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to get help when someone offers you a way to make things easier.

There is nothing to be ashamed of—we can’t handle everything on our own! Do you think the top businesspeople out there are rich because they did it all themselves? Hell no! They made it because they asked for help, they delegated, and sought out therapists and life coaches. They made it to where they are because they weren’t afraid to ask for help.

So, please, ask for help.

Jessica thought that she could handle everything on her own just because she’s that stubborn person. But if it weren’t for Trish, she wouldn’t have had those files she got in the beginning. If it weren’t for Malcom, she wouldn’t have gotten a lot of tasks done. And If it weren’t for Jeri, Jessica’s mom wouldn’t have had a lawyer.

The thing is, we know you can handle it. We know that you’re strong and intelligent and capable, but the point is that you don’t always have to be that strong person. You can ask for help, you’re allowed to be vulnerable.

So, don’t to do things alone. You don’t have to! Just ask for help.

That’s the end of this video. Those are the 5 things that Jessica Jones taught us!

Let me know down below what you learned from Jessica Jones!

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