Hey guys, my name’s Itxy, welcome to my channel! In today’s video I’m going to talk about 5 things we’ve learned from the Wynonna Earp characters.


First things first, if you haven’t watched all of season 2 of Wynonna Earp, then you definitely should not be watching this video!


If Wynonna can watch Skip try to take out his insides and just ask, “What the fuck are you doing?” Then, I think we can look at our problems, take a step back, and realize that we are not defined by them.

Your problems are valid and I know that they can be really hard to overcome sometimes, but we are way more than our problems. What we have to do is remember is that life is too short to focus on them all of the time, and that sometimes we need to ask for help, other times we need another perspective, or if you step back, you might realize that they’re so insignificant (again not calling your problems insignificant).

What I mean is that you need to look at them in a way where it’s like, “Okay, is this really the big deal that I’m making it out to be?”

And I know that Wynonna Earp is this fictional show where a lot of things happen that would never happen in real life, but even in the 1st season, Waverly was hung, and we didn’t see this whole big deal made out of it and it’s because they had this bigger problem that they had to deal with. Sometimes, you have to look at the bigger picture too!

You could be focusing on this small thing when in reality you have to look at the bigger picture and maybe say, “Okay is this a part of it, but should I focus on it or should I just let it go instead?”

What I love about all the Wynonna Earp characters is that even though they have this big thing going on with the Black Widows and Clootie being revived, and what not, they still take the time to make jokes and to care for each other and that’s what we have to do. Sometime we jist gotta be light and stay light.

For example, I have the Deathly Hallows tattoo on my forearm, and the reason I did that is because number one, I love harry potter, but also because I love the movies because they’re super light. The first one is Harry discovering this whole magical world and looking at it with a new set of eyes and this innocence, and it reminds me that even though we don’t have flying brooms and wands or invisible cloaks, we do have magic and opportunities in this world, and love and connection with people. You just have to keep the good things in mind because there’s so much negative shit, but there’s also so much magic in the world.

WYNONNA EARP LESSON #2 (quote below)

“There is no more soon, there is only now.” –Doc Holliday AKA Tim Rozon

We spend so much time trying to find the perfect time, but the perfect time doesn’t exist!

Lets say that you want to start making youtube videos, right? But you’re not doing it because you don’t have the time or you don’t have the money to buy a camera and a microphone, so you push it off. Then 10 years pass by and you have a good job and you have more time, but now you’re excuse is that no one’s going to watch it or that it’s already to late.

It’s just a cycle that keeps on going because there’s no such thing as a perfect time. Instead of saying soon or tomorrow I’ll do this or next year or New Year’s Eve, you just have to start now! I know it’s scary to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s something that you will never regret and I would rather try and fail then never have tried at all.


The whole point of my channel is to teach people to love themselves and to take control of their lives, so I don’t really talk much about the way you treat others, but I think there’s so much shit going on in the world right now that I want to make this point.

Another reason I love the characters is because they’re all so different from each other, but they still respect each other and care for each other like they’re just… human beings.

For example, we have Waverly find out that Rosita is a Revenant, and she could’ve easily ran off and called Wynonna and told her to shoot her, but she didn’t because even though she’s a Revenant , she’s got these other qualities. She’s incredibly smart, and kind, and she obviously cares for the Earp sisters.

She portrays this good example of not judging based on that one trait cause that’s what we do so much, especially based on skin color, but there’s so much more. The reason we love Wynonna Earp so much is because Emily can make the characters 3-dimensional, yet we judge people as if they’re based on one thing instead of realizing that they have more than one trait.

My sexuality does not define me. My race, my ethnicity does not define me. Yes I’m Mexican but I’m not a criminal, I’m not here undocumented. Both are huge parts of me, but I’m made of so much more.

Listen to what people have to say to you, respect their opinions, and smile at strangers down the street because it makes a huge difference.

Also, if we’re tying it all back to self-love, when you look at yourself and see that you treat others with respect, then you can say, “Wow I’m a kind person, I respect others, and I love that about myself.” Now you’re just adding even more traits that you love about yourself, so it’s like a win-win.


It’s okay to be pissed at someone and to want to punch a wall, which is not advised. However, when you’re mad at someone, there’s this heavy weight on top of you that just brings you down and it makes you feel like shit, and who wants to feel that? You don’t even have to talk to the other person to forgive them, just say to yourself, “I choose to let this go,” because you want to feel free again.

Also as Waverly and Nicole taught us, because Waverly had every reason to be mad at Nicole, sometimes we spend too much time simmering the anger and we spend too much time on it. There’s literally no reason for it, again not putting down your anger or any of that (it’s all valid I promise), but sometimes life’s too short to be angry all the goddamn time. If Waverly would’ve forgiven Nicole faster then she wouldn’t have felt so guilty when Nicole was in the hospital after she was bitten.

Just forgive people! You don’t even have to forget it, you don’t have to talk to the person ever again, just forgive people for you.


We see Nicole who seems like the most perfect girlfriend make a mistake when’s she didn’t reveal the DNA test to Waverly, we’ve seen Jeremy–who’s a genius–mess up and bond the 3 guys together, and it’s great to see characters mess up because they’re 3-dimensional and so well-rounded that you can compare to them.

Still, whenever we mess up we kick ourselves down and that’s because we think that we have to be this perfect person when it’s impossible!

You’re going to fail in life, okay honestly that sounds really harsh, but you’re going to make so many mistakes and they’re going to suck, but you have to realize that they’re going to lead you to this great thing! If you don’t make mistakes, how are you going to learn?

Don’t knock yourself down for finding flaws in yourself or for tripping over nothing because no one is perfect. I know it may seem that way on social media especially, or on magazines, but it’s just so false. You should love yourself for making mistakes, you should love your flaws too because even though we’re not perfect, we’re honestly amazing people.

You deserve to love yourself and you deserve happiness.

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Thank you so much for watching (reading, you know what I mean), Bye!

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