“They just got lucky.”

A sentence we all say when we see somebody successful, usually on social media.

Let’s define a lucky person:
ˈ/ləkē /ˈ /pərs(ə)n/

Someone who is most likely financially stable. They travel and no problem eating well. They have other lucky friends that they can actually make plans with. Lucky people are happy more than you usually are, and they seem to radiate joy, gratitude, and  light. Nothing bad ever happens to them.

That sounds about right, right?


And you know it, too. Deep inside you know that these type of people—celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, artists, etc—are not lucky.

So, what made these people so “lucky”? What does it really mean to be lucky?


Picture by: Garrhet Sampson

Successful people worked on their dreams which soon became goals. They shifted their mentality from I wish to I will. They were no longer fantasies but something practically tangible.

And they worked toward these goals. They got up earlier than usual (with practice—no one can get up at 5 a.m. like it’s nothing) and they sat down in a place they knew they would actually get work done. They got busy, but in a smart way.

They worked for hours—creating content, networking, watching online courses, learning, applying, making websites, etc. They absorbed themselves in their work, not allowing any distractions even if just for a few hours.

They didn’t get to where they are because they were lucky. They got there because they dedicated their time to working and being productive.


Picture by: Lesly Juarez

Happy, strong, and confident people have all those qualities because they worked on their personal development.

They bought the self-help books and watched the YouTube videos that everyone else thought were useless, selfish, or a waste of time, and they learned. They filled paper with notes, underlined their books, and they remembered everything that they knew was good for them.

Most importantly, they applied.

They learned the information, then they asked, “Okay, how can I use this in my life” They figured it out, and they practiced what they learned.

They could’ve just learned, and learned, and learned, but the information would’ve been useless because they’re not actually doing anything with it.

But, they did, and that’s why they’re “lucky.” Because they actually figured out how to be more confident, how to love themselves, how to handle rejection, and they applied the information allowing them to feel the way they wanted to feel.


Picture by: Omar Lopez

People with good friends have good friends not because they were lucky and hit the jackpot, but because they chose to search for good friends and spend less time (or cut out completely) anyone who was discoaurging, toxic, or negative.

They knew that the people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on you. If they’re negative people, they’re most likely to be a pessimist. If they’re aspiring entrepreneurs, like them, and they have a more positive outlook on life, then they will, too.

They didn’t just happen to find the greatest friends in high school or college, they put themselves out there. They followed and added people on social media, sent them a message saying, “Hey, I’d love to connect,” and made new friends.


Picture by: Joshua K. Jackson

People with big things in their life—good money, great friends, successful businesses, and happiness—they didn’t do it by staying in their comfort zones, by playing it safe.

They stepped out of their boxes and crossed lines. They knew that one never gets far if you don’t take risks.

When they wanted to make new friends on Twitter, they didn’t just send the message. Sometimes, they were a little afraid of rejection or being ignored completely, but they didn’t let their fear and discomfort stop them. They took the risk.

If they hadn’t taken any risks, then they wouldn’t be where they are now. If they hadn’t constantly put themselves out there, where they would (yes, would) be ridiculed and laughed at, then they’d still be working on the same articles over and over again instead of making YouTube videos and building online courses.

They weren’t lucky because they were rebel extroverts who didn’t care about the consequences, they simply put aside their discomfort and went for it anyway.


Picture by: Saz B.

So much good can happen in your life with a postive mindset.

Successful people didn’t just get lucky to naturally have a postive outlook on life, they developed a positive mindset.

When they failed, when they were on the ground hearing I told you so, they didn’t stay there crying because they were lucky enough not to give a shit.

They got up because they had a postive outlook on the whole situation—they asked themselves, “What can I learn from this? How can I improve?”

And inside their heads, they laughed at everyone laughing at them because they would never understand the power of failure and lessons they could take from it.

A positive mindset can help you look at the “negative” things in life with a little more light, but what else can it do?

Well, positive attracts positive.

I know, that’s not what you learned in high school science class, but it’s how it works.

When you have a positive mindset, you tend to attract positive vibes.

All the time? Of course not.

But what these successful people knew was that life was too short to be so goddamn negative all the time, and if there was a perk to being positive, then maybe it was worth the try. And it was.

When you’re putting out positive energy waves to the Universe, you might get something good out of it. You know what I’m talking about—this is what happens when you have good days, when you’re “lucky.”

You’re not lucky. You simply woke up in a great mood and you’re all smiley, and because the Universe sees that, good things just keep happening to you—you get someone’s number at a coffee shop, you get a surprise email from an old friend, and there’s a sale at your favorite store.

Successful people knew that if they developed a positive mindset, life would just be easier.

In summary. . .

There is no such thing as luck in these people’s minds. They understand that influencers and people in high positions got to where they are because they worked hard.

They made sacrifices and worked on themselves. They stepped out of their comfort zones, and developed mindsets that worked for them, not against them.

That’s what it means to be lucky.

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