Many people aspire to be the person in the T.V. show or movie who dresses in all black, comes back with quick snarky remarks, and doesn’t give a shit because they’re “badass.”

I want to break the myth that that’s what it means to be careless and not give a shit be.

But, really quick, I want to tell you something…

Stop caring about the things the rude people of the world have to say about you. Stop being a dick to yourself because others are saying you’re not good enough. Fuck em’. You are incredible and you’re going to make great things happen.

Now, that that’s out of the way. I think you should know the benefits of remaining unconcerned with the pointless things in life.

When you don’t give a shit…

  • You can accomplish whatever you want because no one can stop you. Someone could tell you that going after your dream is stupid and you’re response would be “okay,” and then keep going.
  • You try to focus on the positive. People focus on the negative parts of life, but the way you would feel would be like, “Fuck that! I can overcome anything! I’ve already made it this far.”
  • You know that any mistake you make is a lesson learned. That trying and failing is worse then not trying at all.
  • You don’t deal with other people’s bullshit. I don’t mean their problems and stuff, I mean their negativity.
  • You can change the world. Those who care too much are going to be too busy living someone else’s life because they were afraid of what people might say. You’re the one who’s gonna make a difference.

Now let’s get started on what it means to not give a shit:


When I say that you should be indifferent towards things, I don’t mean the things that matter. You don’t have the sudden right to be a dick to those you love or to those who care about you. You’re not all of a sudden the boss of anyone who cares too much about what others say, you don’t push those people around.

You treat others with respect, not push them to the curb.

Not giving a shit means that you are a leader. It says that you believe in yourself fully, that you have the guts to follow your crazy dreams, and you inspire other to do the same. You are there for others when they are in need.


This goes with my first point. Don’t act like you don’t care when someone comes to you with a problem. Always care about those who have supported you. Don’t ignore their dreams and issues.

Don’t be rude to a waitress, don’t disrespect your elders, don’t give your teachers sass. Understand when it’s okay to not give a fuck. Like I said, not giving a shit is not the same as being mean.

You only get a limited number of fucks to give over your lifetime, so you must spend them with care. – Mark Manson


radiate-loveWhen you don’t give a crap, it doesn’t mean that you’re heedless and reckless. Doesn’t mean that you don’t care about who you are, your goals; you’re not walking around earth with no purpose.

You care and you learn how to appreciate and take care of yourself. The love for yourself is abundant, others can feel it radiate off of you from miles away.

A person like this has so much confidence it themselves that they don’t pay attention to the negativity that’s around them. They focus on the good parts of life because they know that being an optimist is what will get them to where they want to be.

Not giving a shit means that you run around chasing your dreams even though your parents say that it’s too risky, too dangerous. You’re willing to risk losing respect from those who believe that college is the only way to succeed.

People with this type of attitude believe in everything they do because they understand that in the end they will be genuinely happy with their lives. They’re themselves and no one can persuade them into being someone they’re not.


The people who are comfortable with being different don’t give a shit. They know that everyone’s unique, that they’ll never be like anyone else. You can be this person. You can be comfortable with who you are. These type of people get that being their own person will bring them joy.

Hiding behind a mask sucks. Don’t hide who you really are. Show off to the world that you’re proud of the person you are, including your past. Show off that you weren’t being who you’d like to be, but you overcame it and now you are. You may not be proud of your past, but it made you the person you are today and if you’re reading this it’s because you want to learn how you can be a better person and that’s so great.

I’m so proud you. I believe in you. I know that you can be okay with who you are and not give a shit.


dont give a shit Dude, people are always judging. IT SUCKS AND IT’S STUPID, I KNOW. But, are you always going to pay attention to them? Are you really going to let people get to you and bring you down?!

There’s is no point to that. You can’t please everyone. Some will dislike you for who you are and others will love you. That’s all it comes down to.

So, shift all of your focus on those who do matter, the ones supporting you. Ignore everyone who says you can’t do it or that can’t be you.

Also, sometimes you think people will say something about what you’re wearing, what you’re listening to, or about the fact that you’re a girl (or boy) holding hands with another girl (or boy). SOMETIMES PEOPLE REALLLYYY DON’T CARE. They don’t even take notice.

So follow your dreams. Be who you want. Don’t give a shit (the right way).

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