In celebration of the first act of Carmilla dropping today, I decided to write a Carmilla inspired post!
Despite Carmilla being a really badass show, the characters have also taught me a lot and I’d love to share that knowledge with you. They all have different personalities and mindsets that allow them to reach their goals.

Not only that, though, they all have certain aspects that make them beautiful people; some things that people, including myself, should develop. They know how to live a life dedicated towards happiness despite the dean trying to destroy everything.
What the characters of Carmilla teach about getting through life as easily as possible:


The reason I love Carmilla is because she doesn’t give a shit (the right way). She cares when she needs to and doesn’t when she doesn’t.

Some of us choose to have an indifferent attitude towards everything (even the wrong things) and some of us choose to care too much about everything.

Carmilla may have a careless attitude towards many things, but she’s has a kind heart and cares deeply for her friends. Even when she’s furious with Laura, she’ll save her. She’s not an asshole, basically, while not giving a crap.

She doesn’t deal with the shit she knows is too stupid to worry about. She understands what you should put your focus into (which is what we should all be doing) because sometimes we worry about the dumbest shit and waste energy on it.

Overall lesson: “The trick is to care to about everyone while not caring what they think.”


I wish I could be as determined as Laura is. She’s inspired me because she just never backs down. Even when she knows that the battle ahead of her is a fucking hard one, she goes for it anyway! Giving it her all, too!

She fights for what she cares for without giving it a second thought. The best part is that she doesn’t give a crap if anyone supports her. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval and doesn’t care what people will say.

She goes after what she truly believes is the right thing despite people being dicks about it. You should never let what someone else has to say about you deter you from what you need to do or who you need to be. Your life is none of their business, so their opinions about it should be none of yours.

Overall Lesson: When you believe in something you go all in even if the obstacles you may encounter can be difficult and you never back down.


LaF literally just enjoys their life and I love it. They care about others, but they also make sure to put themselves first. They do what they like (in a non-destructive way). Which is what life’s all about–doing what you need to do, despite how fucking crazy it may seem because you enjoy it.

“it’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” – Mandy Hale

If they think that something is fun and sounds cool, they don’t give a shit how weird it may sound, they’re doing it cause they want to. They volunteer to do what’s needed, always keeping others in mind, but not forgetting about themselves either. They’re the epitome of self-love. They figure out what they want and take steps towards achieving it.

Overall Lesson: Don’t hesitate to put yourself first sometimes. Do what makes you happy to be alive.


Perry is such a fucking sweetheart. Sperry_carmillahe just wants to protect everyone. If she could shrink her friends and lock then in a box to keep them from getting into danger she would. But, she can’t and the awesome thing about her is that she understands that. Perry has a trait that most people don’t: understanding.

She’s scared for her friends because they’re doing something risky and dangerous, but she still manages to be supportive. Just because she doesn’t agree or it’s too different for her to comprehend she won’t judge. She’s the type of person who will be there for you even though you do something she dislikes.

Overall Lesson: Always, ALWAYS, support people when it comes to decisions that are good for them even if you disagree because it’s going to make them freaking ecstatic about life.


What Mattie, surprisingly, teaches me is to stay positive during any and all situations. I really don’t believe that Mattie is the type of person who “looks on the bright side.” So let me explain:

These examples that I’m sharing are extreme, but great nonetheless. Even though she was only doing this to protect herself and the reputation of the school it was definitely the perfect way of showing how to turn something negative into something a positive. (I laughed really hard re-watching this part, btw).

“Attempted to steal many humans faces” —> “Acted out anxieties related to his appearance”

“Tried to open a time portal” —> “Flirted with an alternative approach chronology”

“Rose from their graves to haunt the living” —> “Enjoyed a pleasant day out while making to friends”

Overall Lesson: You can always try to look at the good side of situations despite how terrible it may seem. I promise it’s there, you just gotta look around a bit. 


Danny fights for the people she cares about, as you can see with Laura. She will protect those she loves at all costs and fully support what she believes in even if it means dying for it. She’s willing to punch and get punched to protect people. She even prepares to fight a vampire knowing that Carmilla could kick her ass. It doesn’t matter how hard it may be, she refuses to go down without a fight. She will always try her absolute hardest for those she cares about.
Overall Lesson: Always fight for those you care about. Never let anyone talk shit about your best friend or whatever. 


Like Nicole Stamp said in the FanExpo, Mel is a tenacious character who sticks to her belief system and tradition. As a Summer who wants to be on the top, she constantly hates on Danny. However, she understands that family is family and one should always be there to support their family.

She persistently fights for the Summers Society always trying to keep them where they should be. As well as the other characters, she fights for what she wants. Although she may be a bit aggressive sometimes, it’s honestly just who she is. She’s a fighter and she tells a story. Even though she was afraid of going out and taking charge, she ends up taking control of her life and fights for what she believes in.

Overall Lesson: Take charge, stick to what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for it

YOUR TURN! Leave a comment below! What have Carmilla, Laura, or the other characters taught you? How have they impacted your life? If not the characters, the actors themselves! I’d love to talk to you all (:

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