Sometimes, to put it plainly, life just sucks.

It’s not that anything specific is going bad in your life, or that you’ve got unnecessary drama all around you—you honestly just feel like a bad karma magnet.

Your day may go something like this:

You wake up in a bad moon for no reason at all.

You hit your toe on the corner of your bed.

You’ve run out of toothpaste.

There’s no toilet paper in your bathroom.

You burn your breakfast.

You bump your toe again.

And that’s just the morning!

The week goes on:

You forgot to put gas in the car, so you arrived late to work.

Your partner broke up with you.

A server gave you the wrong order.

Your YouTube videos still don’t have more than 20 views.

It’s the worst. I know. Things just aren’t going your way at all, and you’re tired of it! And watching Runaways doesn’t seem to be helping much anymore!

Here’s some good news, some light amongst the darkness:

It’s alright that you think life is shit right now. Don’t feel so guilty that you’re thinking all of these things because you have more than others. Cut yourself some slack. You’re only human, and sometimes we just can’t help the things we feel.

Seriously, right now, take a second, and close your eyes. Take a breath in and say, “I’m okay. I’m only human. I forgive myself.” Repeat it 3 times.

Do you feel better? Just a little bit lighter? I hope so.

But now that you’ve let go of the guilt, you’re ready to deal with everything.

So what exaclty do you do when everything seems to be the worst that it can be?


By: Alexandro Alvarez

“Be light.”

That’s one of my mottos in life. When you feel that everything’s going bad in life and you want to be pissed about it, remember to be light.

Don’t be so serious about everything all the time, and laugh at yourself for forgetting to buy toothpaste.

Don’t yell at the server who brought you the wrong order, say it’s okay. Those 2 words can mean a lot to someone who’s probably already been yelled at.

It’s hard to maintain a who cares attitude, but it feels better. Try it.


By: Rodion Kustaev

Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad.

It’s as simple as that. When you wake up angry, you attract things that’ll continue to make you angry. That’s why “bad things” keep happenening, because you’re attracting them.

Change your perspective a little. When it comes to burning your breakfast in the morning, instead of getting angrier, think something like it’s okay, I can just have something else now.

It’s a mentality shift. Just go from negative to postive.

This doesn’t mean that bad things won’t keep happening completely, you’ll just think about them differently.

For example, being stuck in traffic can piss you off one day, and on another day you might think of it as time to get a Lewis Howes podcast in.


By: Anthony Tran

If you can, take at least 20 minutes to an hour to relax. Being angry sucks. I know I don’t like it! It feels heavy and annoying.

So, take a break—some time to yourself that’ll help you calm down and not feel so crappy.

What I mean by taking time to yourself is not sitting in your living room scrolling to Tumblr or Instagram. I mean, mediate, take a bath, read with a candle lit behind you, or go to a park and just people-watch.

Get off of your technology just for a bit and build a puzzle, or practice your instrument. This is what it meas to relax.


By: Martin Shreder

Sometimes, what stresses me out is when I know that I’m not working hard enough. I’ll write an article and watch 2 episode of Sense8 and fool myself into thinking that I’ve been working hard.

Work, especially if you love it, can be a good way to calm down because you get so lost in it and all of your focus is on that and not on the crappy day.


By: Elijah Hiett

It really does help when you put your problems into perspective. How can you do that?

1. Look up at the sky and think of the galaxy.

You realize just how small your problems are (not insignificant). Plus, nothing will bring a smile to your face more than the sky.

2. Think about all you have and be grateful for it.

I’m glad I even have a bed to bump into. I’m glad I have more toilet paper in the other bathroom. I’m grateful that partner broke up with me because I’m one step closer finding the right person.

3. Find out if what you’re angry about is really worth getting angry over.

Maybe not having toothbrush in the house is worth getting mad about, but there’s a solution. Pop some gum in, go the store real quick, and buy some.

Stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed may hurt like bitch, but is it worth being angry about it for longer than 5 seconds?

If it’s not worth getting angry over, then save yourself the bad feeling.

Life is too short to be so goddamn angry all the time.

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