You deserve to love yourself.

You deserve to love every part of who you are, every little quirk that makes you you. And honestly, you should even love the fact that you like what you like.

But, how the hell do you do that? How do you fall in love with yourself—your personality, your likes and dislikes, your mind?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today 🙂


Fall in love with yourself and your uniqueness

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You are special. You have to become aware of that first because knowing that no one will ever be exactly like you helps you realize that maybe you should stop hiding.

Remembering that you’re unique and that you are who you are for a reason is important because you know that you should live up to your full potential.

You can fall in love with yourself only until you realize that you should be in love with yourself. You can’t just think, “Hm, maybe I should start treating myself better,” and read this and not actually do something for yourself.

Therefore, you have to really drill into your brain that this is what you deserve. And you do that by remembering that you’re fucking awesome.


Fall in love with yourself because it’s not selfish! Self-five — How I Met Your Mother

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Self-love is not selfish. Taking time out of your day to work on your happiness and to learn to love yourself is important! It’ll take you far and you’ll live a greater life!

If anyone tells you you’re being selfish for caring for yourself when you say no to them or if you choose to stay home to take a bath instead of going to a party, who gives a crap?

Once you fall in love with yourself, life gets much easier. You’ll be more confident in yourself, and you’ll spend less time hiding who you are when everyone else is still ashamed.

So, please, ignore these people, and take the time to fall in love with you.


Fall in love with yourself and all the things that make you you - self-hug

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You can fall in love with yourself once you accept and embrace who you are. You are the way you are for a reason. You are who you are because  that’s who we need you to be.

We need you to be yourself, not the person behind the mask—there are already too many people who are doing that. We need someone different, someone who’s not afraid to be themselves, we need you.

Embrace your loud laugh. Embrace that you’re more of a listener than a talker even though people keep saying, “You never even talk.”
You have a unique personality, as I already mentioned, and you can’t change, so might as well love the one you got stuck with.

Stop hiding what you like. Stop being embarrassed about it.

So you like Taylor Swift? Cool. You listen to 80’s music more than what we have now? Also cool.

Do you like the Harry Potter books more than the “adult books” you “should” be reading? Great!

Look, you can’t help what you like. So, why do you keep pretending that you like partying more than staying at home and reading?

Stop pretending. You’re only making yourself sadder and avoiding the fact that you should love what you love to love. (That was a lot of loves!)

Once you embrace who you are, you will start to fall in love with yourself even more.

Saying, “This is what I like and I’m not embarrassed to say it,”—that’s self-love!

So, do whatever the hell you want. That’s what I’m saying.


Fall in love with yourself by learning about yourself by writing

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Have a journal and just write. Or write in your notes app!

Poems, songs, short stories, paragraphs about your day, about what someone did to make you smile, about yourself, about what you love and hate—anything.

Writing down whatever you’re thinking is important because it’s good to let out your thoughts somewhere instead of keeping them locked up and making you go crazy. Plus, you learn things about yourself!

You might find out that you’re a pretty damn good songwriter. Taking the time to document what you’re thinking will make you fall in love with yourself even more. You could write something down and end up thinking, “Hey, I didn’t know I thought this,” or “That’s cool, I didn’t know I could rhyme!”

Little by little, you’ll find more reasons to fall in love with yourself!

For example, I once wrote a short story in my journal, and I realized, Hey this isn’t half bad.

Now one of my long term goals is to become a published fictional author, and I write every single day—I’ve developed a huge passion for it.

I love that I can turn the pictures in my mind into words. See? Lovin’ myself even more because I wrote something down.

Try it. If it’s not for you, then that’s cool, too! It’s just a suggestion.

“Even if you only write a few sentences a day, you never know what you might learn about yourself.” —Hello Giggles


Fall in love with yourself and your personality - Dog wearing funny glasses

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I want to talk about loving your personality specifically.

There’s a million and one ways to describe someone’s personality— harsh, loving, caring, determined, rude, egotistical, joyful, sociable, and so on.

What are you?

Personally, I’m quiet and ambitious. I listen way more than I talk, and I’ve got dreams bigger than my 4’11 height. (Everything’s bigger than me now that I think about it). Obviously, there’s more to me, but I’m not going to name everything.

I’ve learned to appreciate a lot of my personality traits.

Maybe you’re wondering why I wouldn’t love them. What’s not to like? It’s not like you’re egotistical.

No matter what you do in life, no matter who you are, no matter what you like, someone will always be there to judge the crap out of you. Why?

Because we’re assholes, that’s why.

(Yes, me too. I am not perfect, sometimes I judge people. Often? Hell no. To their face? Double hell no, but I do slip, and you will, too.)

Anyway, let me give you an example.

I have big dreams, and how do people react to that sometimes?

You should be more realistic.”

“You’re not going to do that, it’s impossible!”

“You’re going to end up poor, watch. Don’t call me when you do.”

Well, number one fuck you and your discouragement (I don’t actually say that, just think it. Outside, I’m “understanding.”) And number two, I’m going to do what I want with my life.

Being ambitious is scary because you never know what shit you’re going to get, but instead of hiding away from that and choosing a safe career, I chose to say them outloud and do something scary.

I don’t regret it either.

So, do that, too. Embrace your personality, love every trait you have. Your perseverance, the fact that you’re an introvert, your kindness—whatever it may be, love it.

If you’re going to start to fall in love with yourself, let me know in the comments below. See you there 😀

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