Hey guys! My name’s Itxy, and today we’re talking about how you can feel more calm and relaxed with these 3 things.

By the end of the day you will have 3 things that will allow you to calm down when you’re feeling stressed and like you can’t breathe.


Body language—the way that you stand—can actually change the way that you’re feeling. It’s scientifically proven that if you’re standing or sitting with your shoulders hunched, when you’re facing down, or when you cross your arms or legs it causes your stress hormone, cortisol, to go up.

Changing your stance literally makes your stress hormone go down, and you feel more relaxed. This is what I’ll do (I’m not recommending something that I don’t do), and usually I pair it with deep breathing. I’ll straighten by back and take a few deep breaths, and let that calm me down. It really does work!


I will always encourage you to feel your feelings because it’s important and you have to face what’s going on. However, I also escape reality sometimes because that can also be a part of the process.

While I don’t mean escape forever—you do have to feel your feelings—it’s okay to focus on something that requires your full attention. This can be something like working out, drawing, cooking, or anything else that will calm you down.

I don’t recommend watching a show or a movie because that’s what I used do to when I was stressed, but after it didn’t necessarily calm be down. It just helped me escape, and when I came back to reality, I didn’t have a solution.

So, if you’re doing something that actually requires you to work and to do something with your hands, then it’s going to calm you down, and being calm is going to help you solve whatever the problem is.


When you’re sleeping you’re not thinking, so I guess this one’s pretty obvious.

Anyway, even though it’s harder to go to sleep at night when you’re stressed, when you take a nap in order to calm down the stress, it actually works. Naps are proven to reduce stress and help you feel happier.

Naps are also proven to enhance your motorskills and boost your creativity. The reason this matters is because when you’re taking a nap to calm down, when you wake up, not only are you less stressed, but you’re actually more equipped to figure out how to solve the problem that you’re dealing with.

So, take a nap because it really will help!

Those are the 3 ways that you can feel more relaxed and calm.

  1. Change your stance
  2. Do something to stop thinking
  3. Take a 20 minute nap

That said, that’s the end of this! Thank you so much for reading. Let me know down in the comments below which one of these steps you’ll be trying out to feel less stressed!

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