“Life is short and pain is long, but we were all put on this Earth to help each other.” -Stephen King, Firestarter

We live in a world where life is hard as shit to put it plainly. It’s difficult to the point where people escape through forms of entertainment or drugs instead of thinking, to the point where people are willing to hurt themselves, and to the point where people take their own lives.

There are so many problems outside of our control that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about. Whether that be our environment, society, money, whatever it is, sometimes we just have to live through it.

The worst part about all of this is that we don’t make it any easier. In fact, we do the complete opposite. We make life difficult for others, too. Why? I wish I knew.

As the quote says, we were all put on here to help each other and yet even though we do do that, we don’t do it enough.

I cannot express this strongly enough:


We all struggle and we all understand that everyone is going through something yet we continue to judge others, discourage them, and tear them apart physically or emotionally. Even if the problem is much different, it is an issue nonetheless.

We should be helping each other out, not making fun of someone for crying or feeling sad. Don’t judge people because you don’t know everyone’s full story or if they’re going through something at that time that’s making them act differently. Stop assuming.

If someone in front of you orders something but doesn’t have enough change, give them some. If someone “jokingly” says they’re ugly, tell them how hot they look in the outfit they’re wearing. Tell your best friend you’re proud of them or your little brother that his drawing is better than the art you see in museums.

Make your family, friends, and strangers feel good about themselves and happy. Someone may be having a terrible day and something as simple as a smile from a stranger can brighten up their day. I know, it sucks when you smile at someone and they don’t smile back, but what harm does it cause you to smile?

It doesn’t even have to do with the way that someone will react because you were good to them. Don’t do nice things to get praise, do nice things because that’s who you are. When you smile at a stranger and they don’t smile back, it doesn’t matter because you know what type of person you are.

We weren’t all put here on this planet together to ignore one another or make each other feel like crap. So, give. Make someone laugh, write a letter, give people rides, invite your friends over for lunch. There are copious amounts of things you can do for others and not only will they make them feel good, but they’ll make you feel good about yourself too.


On the other hand, if you feel like you have a problem and need someone to talk to, don’t you ever, ever say that you don’t want to be a bother. Your problems are never a bother. If you need to, talk to me. That’s what I’m here for. Tell your friend or your mom that you need to talk and you fucking cry all you want. Don’t hold in emotions because it’s not healthy. Crying and talking feel amazing. It’s a huge relief to let everything out.

If you need help, push your pride away and accept it. You and I both know that you’re strong and you’ll be okay eventually, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for help every now and then.

If your friends offer to pay for your movie ticket because you can’t afford it, take it. They’re not doing it out of pity. They’re doing it because they care and want you around. Be there for others, but also let others will be there for you.


This week, if you’ve been feeling down or feel like someone’s holding you back, talk to someone! Share your feelings. Don’t hold back!

Also, do something simple (or big) for someone else. A random act of kindness, it doesn’t matter what. Whatever you choose to do, feel free to share it with me or comment below!



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