Hi, guys! My name’s Itxy, and today we’re going to talk about how to push through the fear of embarrassment.

By the end of this video, you will no longer let the fear of embarrassment stop you from actually going after what you love.

When you’re just starting out in your business, blog, YouTube venture, or whatever the hell it is, at first, you’re afraid of being embarrassed, right?

You’re afriad that no one will watch your YouTube video because what if nobody likes my content?You’re afraid of going live on Instagram because what if nobody watches me?

You don’t know how people will react. You don’t know what people will say or do, if they’ll watch what you’re putting up, or if they’re going to participate in your challenges, and so on.

Everything just seems like it can be really embarrassing!

All of this is called taking a risk, and it’s called stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s why putting up a new YouTube video can be uncomfortable… because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

All of these things have you feeling embarrassed before you even do anything.

However, not doing something simply to avoid feeling embarrassed is pointless because of two reasons.

  1. It’s unavoidable.

At some point, you’re going to have to put yourself in a position that might have you feeling embarrassed. You can’t go around it no matter how bad you want to.

  1. This is how you grow

Stopping yourself because you feel uncomfortable is the first step to quitting. If you’re not willing to take risks in order to achieve your goals, and to live a life where you’re doing what you love, then you’re going to have to find something else to do.

The thing is—I don’t want you to find something else to do. I don’t want you to be the person who quits because they’re scared.

So, there are a couple things that I do to push myself to just go for it when I’m putting myself in a position that might have me feeling embarrassed because nothing’s happening with what I’m doing.

I’m going to share them with you right now, so that you can also stop letting the fear of embarrassment stop you.


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Let’s say that I’m going to go live on Instagram to talk about overcoming fears. Before I go on, I could hesitate because I could start thinking what if nobody watches?

Nobody watching is a huge possibility, and it’s a real possibility, but then I have to remember the complete opposite, and that is that what if someone does watch?

And what if that one person who watches happens to be the one person that needs it the most? What if that person at that very moment needs to hear about how to overcome the fear of failure. That could also happen.

So, I could be very wrong or really right, but either way I have to try. Because like you’ve heard a million times before, you’re never going to know unless you try.

Use that. Think about why you started in the first place, and about how you might have an impact on someone. Let that thing push you and fuel you to actually do that thing instead of letting the fear of embarrassment stop you.


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Currently, again on Instagram, every Friday, I do this thing called the BRTC Weekend Challenge. I put up a challenge that says something like, “Write down 10 things you’re grateful for.” Then, the person who sees that has to put up a picture of them doing the challenge on Instagram using the hashtag #Itxymademedoit.

I’ve done the challenge about four or five times now, and the only posts in the hashtag are mine.

The reason that’s embarrassing is because if I have a friend or family member who clicks the hashtag to see oh what are people doing, and they see that it’s only my posts, and that I’m the only one participating, then that can be embarrassing.

The thing is, though, that I know that it’s going to probably be like that for a while. I’m going to be the only one doing the challenges and putting up the pictures with the hashtag. But I know that things take time.

I’m the only one using them right now, but I know that if I keep going eventually one person is going to start doing it with me, and then another, and next thing I know there are hundreds of people taking pictures, doing the challenges, and using the hashtag.

Things take time, and we just have to be patient. We have to keep going!


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I’ve been on YouTube for almost 2 years, and in those 2 years, I only have 72 or 73 subscribers.

While so many people will have stopped by now because it’s been a whole two years, and it’s like, you only have 73 subscribers?

So many people would’ve stopped by then. Me? I’m going to keep going because I like talking to a camera, and to you, and to know that there’s a possibility that I might make your life a little bit better and easier.

Let’s say that you’re doing the same thing, and it’s been a year, and you don’t have much subscribers. Your family’s saying why is she still doing this if she’s not getting any subscribers or views?

The reason I’m continuing is just because I love YouTube, and that is enough for me to continue even though I’m “embarrassing” myself.

The thing is, it doesn’t always have to be about the numbers. It doesn’t have to be about the analytics and the views and the subscribers and the pins and the likes and the shares, and all of that crap.

Sometimes it’s just—you do something because you like it. And you leave it at that.

That’s why you can do what you’re doing, too. Not to be measured by numbers, but simply because you love it, and you’re going to do it no matter what anybody else is saying, and no matter how “embarrassed” you’re going to be.

Those are the 3 ways that I manage to push through any possibility of embarrassment.

Remember you…

  • Do it because you’re going to help someone
  • Keep going because things take time
  • Do it just because you love it

“Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” —Susan Jeffers

Type “I got this” in the comments down below if you’re not going to let the fear of embarrassment stop you!

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