Every now and then, we’ll have random bad days where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong in the span of 24 hours.

We wake up in a bad mood for no specific reason and the day continues to be shit.

In December, I wrote an article talking about what to do when those shit days happen, but there’s nothing wrong with having the information to prepare for those bad days.

These 4 tips will ready you for when those days happen. You’ll have a list of what to do when you’re in a why is everything going terribly mood, so that you can try to get out of that funk—or at least be able to withstand it more.

So, how can you prepare for bad days?


Prepare for bad days by figuring out what makes you happy. Picture of a pillow and blanket by a window with candles, a mug of hot chocolates, and a book. Trust me, it looks SO relaxing.

Picture by: Alisa Anton

Most people know what makes them tick, what makes them uncomfortable, and what pisses them off. And that’s great, avoid those things (or people). The last thing you need is to be put in an even worse mood.

Know what dampens your mood to steer away from it, but also know what boosts your mood. This way when you’re in a shit mood, you’ll know exactly what to do to feel happier.

Right after you’re done reading this, figure out what boosts your mood. Pay attention throughout the next week to what puts a smile on your face and gets rid of the stress you feel.

Is it painting? Hanging out with your friends? Walking in the park? Whatever it is, make sure that you’re taking note of it, so that you’ll be prepared next time you have a bad day.


Prepare for bad days by writing everything down in a list so you don’t forget!! Picture of someone writing a list (boring, I know)

Picture by: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Take that information of what boosts your mood and make it into a list! I have a mental list, but you can write it down, too. That way when you’re having a bad day, all you have to do is take out your prewritten list and pick something that you know will boost your mood.

Here’s what my list would look like:

1. Read (fiction)

2. Watch something funny (sitcom or a couple YouTube videos)

3. Workout

4. Watch a Lewis Howes School of Greatness interview

5. Write (fiction)

You might have less or more, but as long as you have 2 things that you can depend on, it doesn’t matter.

As you can see by my list though, I was specific. You want to make sure you do that, too!

The reason I did that was because, for example, I don’t just want to watch anything that’s funny. I dislike comedic movies (most, at least) so I know not to look for a movie, but instead watch an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Same with reading and writing. I read/write both fiction and non-fiction, but it’s writing and reading fiction that boosts my mood. Not that I dislike writing these articles! I love them, but on a bad day, coming up with some fictional story is what really makes me happiest.


Prepare for bad days by working on your mindset. Picture of man staring at the sun, all motivated and shit with his hands in the air.

Picture by: Nghia Le

Working on your positive mindset now is important to prepare for bad days because on these days, we’re pessimistic.

You don’t want to work on being positive on the day of because you just won’t want to. Plus, since being positive takes practice, when you’re trying to be optimistic on the bad day, and you can’t, you’re going to end up pissed off.

How can you work on being positive?

1. Find a positive in the negative problem (i.e.

2. Get perspective (from yourself or someone else)

3. Find 3 things to be grateful for (i.e. water, the fact that your brother called, the rain watering your plants)

4. Smile (smiling is proven to boost a mood)

5. Do something nice for someone (giving is also proven to make you happier)


Prepare for bad days by having a friend to vent with. Picture of 2 girls talking.

Picture by: Andrea Tummons

Sometimes all you have to do is talk it out. Let out what you’re feeling to someone who will listen. Have this person in mind for when you have bad days!

Whether it’s your best friend or sister or anyone in the world, make sure that you can depend on them to talk it out and release the feelings.

You can also write in a journal—or just a piece of paper that you burn after—if you’re not in the mood to talk.

If you’re going to vent to someone though, make sure that you’re venting the right way!

Don’t just pick one of these tips and use that—use all of these! It’s good to prepare for bad days.

Remember to spend the week creating your happiness list!

So, let me know in the comments what your favorite de-stressers are! See you there!

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