Today, we’re talking about how to keep your New Year’s resolutions—well, not only your new year’s ones, but any resolution that you make from now on!

The reason I’m making this video is because very few people keep their resolutions, and I want you to be one of those people, so by the end of this you’ll be able to be that person!

(Since it’s January 1st, you still have time to pick your New Year’s resolutions!)


Choose the right about of a New Year’s resolutions

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Michael Hyatt, the goal-setting genius, says that our brains can handle 7-10 goals. He also says to set those goals in a quarterly fashion.

Personally, I think that 7-10 goals is way too much, so I’m going to recommend picking just 4 New Year’s resolutions that you can do this year. You’re going to set those up quarterly, like Hyatt suggests.

So, the first 3 months you’re going to focus on your diet. The next 3 months you’re going to focus on your road rage or whatever, and that’s how you’re going to set it up.

You’re not going to quit the other resolution because you have a new one, you’re simply adding on.

This way you don’t go crazy focusing on 4 different goals, but you have 3 months to focus on just one.


The Gloss

Make the New Year’s resolutions for you, not for anyone else.

If you want to lose weight, do it because you want to be healthier, because you want to lose weight, not because your ex-partner told you that you had to lose a few pounds.

When you pick the resolution for you, then it means something, so it’s easier to follow through.

However, if you’re doing it for someone else, you’re not really caring, so you’re not actually going to go through with it!


New Year’s Resolutions- 2018

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Once you make it, drill it into your mind that you’re actually going to go through with it!

Make sure that you don’t negotiate with yourself! Don’t say, “Just one more —” or “Nothing will happen if I do —.”

There’s no room for debating! You’re going to make it, and you’re going to stick with it.

If you want the motivation to stick with it, just think about the disappointment you’re going to feel if you don’t—if you quit or if you cheat.

You can also practice visualizing of you reaching the goal and focusing all of your attention on how you’ll feel when you actually do reach it.

If you like feeling that way just through thinking, then obviously when you actually reach your goal or you go the whole year having stuck to the resolution, then you’re going to actually feel the emotions, and it’s going to feel really great!


Get an accountability partner for your New Year’s resolutions

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An accountability partner is a friend or family member you can talk to when you feel like cheating or quitting.

It’s also someone who will check up on you randomly. This is the person who will help keep you in check!

Another reason to have an accountability partner is because it’s better to tell one or even 2 people what your New Year’s resolutions are! If you tell everyone it’s proven that you’re less likely to go through with it.

So, don’t make a YouTube video about what your resolutions are. Don’t put it out on social media because you think you’ll be held accountable by all these people! Like, I said, it’s scientifically proven that if you tell everyone, you’re just going to quit!


New Year’s Resolutions — January 1

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I didn’t realize the importance of this until I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin who set up one goal for every month of the year, and at the end of the day, she always made sure to check how she was doing.

So, what you do with this check—let’s say that you do it Sunday nights—is take out a journal. You’re going to write down any thoughts you’re having about what your resolution is.

Let’s say that you’re cutting down on sweets. You’re going to write down anything you think of, or anything you felt throughout the week.


“I almost ate this cupcake when I passed by the coffee shop, but I stopped myself from eating it when I remembered that I had an apple in my bag.”

This helps you realize that one, maybe having an apple in your bag will stop you from buying a sweet. Two, it helps you know triggers—don’t walk by the coffee shop because you’ll have the temptation to walk in.

It’ll help you discover things about yourself that will help you in the long run with this resolution.

Plus, It’ll be a good motivator. When you’re writing down how you did in the week, you’ll feel proud of yourself! You’ll think okay, if I got through this week, then maybe I can get through the next one.


Be specific with your New Year’s resolutions

Perez Hilton

In 2014 or 2015 (I don’t remember), one of my new year’s resolutions was to stop drinking soda and drink water instead.

I made it specific because if I had just stopped drinking soda, I would’ve drank anything with lots of sugar.

Because I was specific and said stop drinking soda and drink water instead, then I knew what to do.

Also, I had an accountability partner because my sister had the same resolution, so we depended on each other.

Finally, it was a goal that I really wanted to do, so I was able to stick with it!

(By the way, I followed through with this resolution. I quit soda for the year, and nowadays, I rarely drink it!)

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