“Love is the answer to any of your questions today. Just start there first and watch the magic unfold.” – Unknown

I’ve always known that love was important and I know that you know it too. I knew it was something you to give to others for a long time. Then, I learned it was something you could give to yourself. Then last year, I learned you could always live your life through love.

I fell in love with the idea and I think that coming from a place of love is something that will benefit you forever. Love is the underlying emotion of any action. Even the cruel, evil ones. If you were to rob a bank, you’d probably do it out of love. Whether it be because your sister needs surgery or because you’re greedy and you just love money. No matter how fucked up, the reasoning stems from love, even if what you love isn’t necessarily good.

We all have one same purpose and that’s to love. We just want to support our family members, we want to be there for our friends, we want to smile at strangers, and we want to feel that connection with a special person. Sometimes, there is no need to overcomplicate things. All we need to give (and openly receive) is love.

We should live our lives coming from a place of love. It all probably sounds strange, doesn’t it? How does one live through love? Well, there are many ways, and luckily for you, I know a few.


Nothing realigns you with love more than learning to be grateful for everything that surrounds you. Think about it, how many times have you stopped for a second and said, “I’m thankful for the fact that I can send a message to my best friend in the span of a second?” When’s the last time you said, “thank you [fill in the blank] for providing me a warm bed to sleep in?”

Before I move on, please don’t feel that I’m judging you or reprimanding you! I just know that this is a way to align yourself with love and I want to become aware so that you can live a happier life.

You send out good vibes to the Universe and to the people around you when they see that you’re paying attention to what’s around you and acknowledging it as something that’s making your life better in some shape or form.


This one is admittedly more difficult than the first considering we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day and a lot of them are about the past. It’s easy to think about what we should’ve done, and what we shouldn’t have said, and all that, right?

There’s nothing wrong with the past, but there’s some of it that don’t require your energy or focus. For example, thinking about your ex after a year is doing you what good exactly? You got it. None. Thinking about something you shouldn’t have said to your mom yesterday even if you’ve already apologized and she’s forgiven you, will get you where? Got it again. Nowhere.

Even though the past is important, some of it’s just not worth accessing again. But, back to my point. You realign yourself with love when you focus on the now. When you pay attention to the sky above you or when you’re listening fully to a friend who’s talking to you, you live in a place of love– a state of appreciation. Why?

Because you’re acknowledging the fact that you’re alive and that there’s something you need to be doing. You’re not going back to emotions of hatred from the past or feeling jealous of someone over something they have that you want in your future.


By creating you live through love.

“We all have the capacity to allow the universal energy of love to use for the highest good.” –Gabby Bernstein

You become an instrument of love when you go out and create anything that you love to create. Whether that be music, businesses, art, food, YouTube videos, and so on. Love moves through you when you let yourself be you and when you live in the moment by just creating what you love to create.

Don’t hold back, do the things that you know in your heart that you were meant to do.

Live through love and life will feel light once again.

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