Sometimes we talk to ourselves as if we weren’t worthy. We tell ourselves terrible things that we believe to be true. We bully ourselves.

We do this because we’ve learned from society that we don’t reach certain expectations, and we subconsciously decide that we’re not enough.

It’s time we stop doing that because here’s the thing: all of the discouraging thoughts that you have are so far from the truth you can’t even see specks of it.

You are not the negative lies that you tell yourself. You are so much more.


In order to get rid of these deceiving lies:

1. You need to first identify them

Pay attention to your thoughts. To remember, every hour on the dot, stop what you’re doing and think—What am I thinking right now?

2. Write it down

If you catch yourself thinking something degrading and mean, right down that thought. Don’t skip this step or else you can’t move on. Do this for 1 week.

3. Counter it

After the week is over, look back at what you wrote. Now, write the complete opposite. (I’ll give examples of this down below.)

4. Repeat it & feel it

This new positive affirmation that you’ve written down, you need to repeat it to yourself every morning and every night. Slowly but surely, you’ll break th lie and start believing this truth.

You’re not just going to say it though, you have to feel it, too. Feel the emotions that come along with you telling yourself this positive thing. Imagine yourself truly believing the affirmatio and feel the happiness that comes along with it until your truly believe it.


  1. You’re at school. You look down at your test score. You got a D. It’s 4:00, so you pay attention to what you’re thinking. “I’m a failure!” runs through your mind.
  2. You write it down. You get home, and you counter it. “I am intelligent, and I a man successful.”

*Pro tip: Counter it with the positive. It should be, “I am successful,” not “I am not a failure. (By default, your mind will focus on the “failure” part.)

  1. Say it out loud, and feel it.

Now that’s you know how to do that, I wanted to bring to your attention some of the lies that you may tell yoursel. Keep an ear out for these lies, and keep reading for positive affirmations to counter it.

1. “I AM WEAK.”

You’re strong and capable of many things, but for some reason your mind has decided to tell you that you’re too weak to handle anything. I’m about to prove that thought wrong.

Think back to all the problems you’ve had and the people who hurt you. Now think about where you are now. Here, right? Reading this? You’re a fucking warrior.

You’ve managed to defeat and conquer ALL the hard moments in your life. You made it this far. There’s your proof—the breaths you’re taking right now.

Affirmation: I will make it in great shape because I can get through any obstacle I encounter. I have so far and I’m proud of myself.


You’re more than enough. To the point where you break the “worth” scale. You mean something.

I understand that it may not seem like it, but you’re not just here because you’re supposed to float around Earth wondering what the fuck you’re supposed to be doing. Even if you don’t know your purpose right now, just focus on the fact that you dohave one.

“Do not tolerate disrespect, not even from yourself.” -Unknown

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Affirmation: I matter, and I am more than enough. I am valuable here on Earth.


After everything you’ve gone through in your life, you deserve to smile and laugh every single day for the rest of your life

Even if you’ve made mistakes, said some things you regret, or did thing you shouldn’t have done, you should be happy. Don’t let errors and regret prevent you from letting joy in.

If I, a stranger, know that you should be happy then, so should you

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Affirmation: I deserve so much happiness. So much that it pours out of me to share with others.


“Bright” should be your middle name. Your mind is incredible, and can reach your goals with hard work and dedication.

You’re smart because you’re here reading this and learning to believe in yourself. You’re smart—no you’re wise—because you’re willing to improve yourself.

I’m proud of you for that because the sad reality is that most people are too afraid to do that.

Affirmation: I am intelligent, and I will succeed in my life because I will work hard to reach my goals.


Yes, that’s probably true. Maybe you don’t know how to be independent, confident, or you don’t know how to start your own business, etc.

Are you really going to let “not knowing” hold you back? Figure it out! Read books and articles, talk to people , practice and pretend to be the most confident person on earth until you are.

You don’t start anything knowing how to do it. You learn, make mistakes, and learn some more. You can’t give up when things get too difficult. You’ll figure out. Just go for it.

Affirmation: I can learn and do anything as long as I put my mind to it. I am unstoppable.


I’ll start this one off with a cliché: you will never know unless you try. You can’t tell the future. You’ll never know the outcome of anything you do. You can’t say you’ll fail because you don’t know!

“In the end, we only regret that chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.” – Anonymous

Say you do fail— so what? What’s the worst that can happen? Take the failure, evaluate it, learn from it, and move on. Now you’re stronger than ever.

Affirmation: I will always try because I believe in myself. Even if I don’t make it, it’s a lesson learned.


Your thoughts, opinions, and comments matter. You have a voice, don’t be so tentative about using it. Never let anyone drown it out. You scream over them if you have to because you deserve to be heard. Stop thinking that what you have to say has no meaning to anyone.

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” – Maggie Kuhn

You are valid. Stand up for what you believe in, and never back down.

Affirmation: What I have to say matters. I will raise my voice when I need to.

We’ve reached the end, so I thought I’d put together a playlist with songs that tell you he truth! Here are some songs that will make you feel good and empowered.

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