“When your passion and drive are bigger than your fears, you just dive” -Viola Davis

Your passion should ultimately be bigger than what you fear. There is no such thing as an excuse when you’re passionate about something. When you love what you want to do there is no stopping you. You do whatever it takes to get to your destination.

If you really do have the passion you say you do, you’re uncomfortable when it comes to making the next move, but you don’t let it deter you. You step out of your comfort zone with a grimace but continue on because if you compare your fear to your passion, you fear is an ant. Don’t worry, I’m going to answer some of the questions you may have about passion!


Well, it all depends on you and your feelings. Let me give you an example that I’m going through.

My goal is to become a life coach. However, I fear a thousand things. What if someone has a problem and I can’t come up with a solution? Or what if nobody trusts or hires me because I’m only 19?

But, here’s the thing. Even though I’m scared shitless, I’m also beyond excited because I love helping people. My passion for wanting to help others take control of their lives is bigger than my fear so I’m willing to go after it.

I used to be in a type of business called multi-level marketing. You have to talk to a lot of people including strangers in order to sell stuff to make money (basically). I knew that I didn’t have a passion for it when I wasn’t willing to do that. I wasn’t willing to put in that type of work even if it made me thousands of dollars.

Life coaching, however, is something that I’m willing to pursue even though fear crawls up to me sometimes.

I want you to find the thing that allows you to have passion take control instead of fear. When you’re no longer afraid of your fear then you’ve found something you’re passionate about.


You never get rid of fear. Fear is something that will always be there no matter what. You can be the most confident person on this planet, but fear will still be a part of you.

That’s the point of this. Even though fear is always here, your passion will determine what you do with it. Your passion will decide if you’ll get too uncomfortable and leave or get too uncomfortable but overcome. That’s the beauty of passion.

Passion, like I say in my title, is the Joker. The Joker is the one that pursues Dr. Quinzel to do all these crazy acts in order to escape. You’re Harley Quinn. All though you’re afraid, you will do anything to satisfy your passion. Even if it means going to through an uncomfortable stage or that you’re going to be really fucking scared for a while.

On the other hand, don’t feel guilty if you’re taking a while to do something! Sometimes, some things are too difficult. But I mean, you’re going to have to eventually, so might as well get it over with now, right?

“When you step out of your comfort zone, you are stepping into your greatness.” – Cynthia Chiam


Literally, now. Shit, I wouldn’t mind if you stopped reading this now and got started. The perfect time is always going to be now.

Circumstances will never be perfect. You can’t wait until you have more money until there are more opportunities, or until you develop enough confidence. Start now.

You also can’t wait until you have a fresh start, dude. You know what I mean. Don’t start until tomorrow because it’s a new day, don’t start next week or month, or year. Begin to follow your passion today.

What’s the point of waiting until tomorrow? Unless your super busy today, there’s no point. What going to be the difference between starting today and starting tomorrow? Can you give me a good reason? No, you can’t because there is no difference. We as humans just like to think that it’s better starting later rather than now.

But, there’s no point.

I’m pretty sure I made my point with this last one, so strongly hope you understand.


  • Your passion should be bigger than your fear
  • Fear is always there, but you choose if you’re going to let it rule you or not
  • If you’re willing to go for it even though you’re afraid, then you’ve found something your passionate about
  • You should start pursuing your passion now, there’s never a “perfect” time
  • You’re strong and amazing


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