“Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window- or break down a door.” —Brooke Shields

Self-expression keeps humans sane. We go through what seems like never ending problems. We solve one problem, and poof another one comes up. Then, we solve that one, and poof there we go again with another problem.

Humans (That’s you!) are so strong. Between heartache and overwhelm, money and indifference, sickness and death, and way more, we are incredibly strong.

Think about it.

What kind of hardships have you gone through? I’m assuming a lot. Yet, you’re still here.

You’re able to go through anything in the world and defeat it.

Why’s that?

Because you’re fucking awesome, that’s why.

But, also because of the things you like to do that put a smile on your face that’s brighter than the sun itself.

Sometimes, it’s too difficult to talk to others about the problems that we’re going through. Other times, we’re simply too afraid to ask others for advice or help.

Even though I believe that people should never be afraid of asking for help, there are other ways that we can pour out our feelings.

We are allowed to express ourselves in any shape or form. Here are a few ways in which you can just that:

By Lechon Kirb

  • Dance
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Knitting
  • Sculpting
  • Singing

And a million and one other things. If you Google self-expression, it actually means “the expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.” And…

“Self-expression is as vital to living as breathing. It is how we interact with others and the world.” —Desert Alchemy

When I was in high school, I was in my school’s orchestra and band. I love music, and on the days when I was feeling low, I’d take out my violin or my saxophone and just play.

I would play random melodies or play along to some sheet music I’d found on the Internet, I’d feel instantly better. I honestly felt like I could transfer my feelings from inside of me to the sounds that left my instrument, and just let them go to the wind.

That’s the power of self-expression. You get to pour out all of these feelings that are preventing you from being happy and feel some sort of freeing feeling.

You feel light and happy.

Self-expression is also another way of displaying self-love to yourself. When you can put yourself first and set free those restricting feelings, you’re saying “I love myself enough to spend some time doing this so I can feel better.”

“Explore new ways of thinking and being, and you may discover that you have talents and passions you never knew existed.” – Virtues For Life

The power of self-expression doesn’t just start and end with you, though. Psychology Today states, “Neuroscience is teaching us that ‘self-expression’ might be one—if not the most important ways for people to connect, navigate and grow with each other.”

You hear that? (Or you read that?)

Not only does self-expression affect individually, but it helps form relationships and brings already existing ones closer.

You can’t deny it’s truth. When you were in high school or college, didn’t you develop close relationships with those who took the same electives as you? Or with the people who were in a club with you? Or played the same sport as you?

In my orchestra class, we were basically a family. That’s because we’d have a 2 hour class where we’d just play music, we’d perform together, and we’d even arrive late to class together because my teacher always forgot when the bell rang.

We were close because of self-expression. In my math or history classes, we weren’t all close. We just had a few friends that we’d talk to, and that’s because there was no form of self-expression in those classes.

Shit, we didn’t even want to be taking those classes.

Have you ever met someone and all the words that were passed back and forth were those of small talk? Like, there was no connection?

Now think of a time where you met someone and you bonded immediately. Do you know why that was?

If you think back it’s probably because you or the other person mentioned something that you both really love. Whether that be a Netflix series you both watch or maybe you both majored in the same subject.

Whatever it was, you were able to maintain a good conversation because you were able to find a similar passion, a form of self-expression.

Source: Laughing GIF

If you don’t have someway to express yourself or a hobby of some sort, I strongly urge you to get one.

When you feel like you’ve been too hard to the point that you feel like your brain is about to burst, take a break and do the thing you love the most. That feeling of your brain about to burst will fade away.

So, tell me, what form of self-expression are you into? What do you want to get into?

It doesn’t matter how weird or unusual it may be, if it makes you feel good, that’s all that matters.

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