I don’t know why (okay, I do know why) but people don’t like to chase their dreams. Some people don’t even like to think about the topic because just the thought of them doing something crazy freaks them the fuck out.

The hesitance to following their dreams is what gets people to live lives that they don’t want to live. They think back to when they were children and teens and think, “Wow, my younger self would be so disappointed in me.”

It’s what leads to people working 9 to 5 jobs that they despise instead of being a doctor like they always wanted or starting their own business.

But you? You’re young—whether you’re in your teens or early-mid 20’s, you’ve got a crapload of time. You have time to explore different things you like or go after what you’ve always dreamt of.

But, if you’re scared to follow your dreams (and it’s okay to be) I’m going to try my bestest and hardest to convince you why you should do just that.


Picture by: Aris Sfakianakis

Personally, this statement alone is enough to convince me, but let’s see if it can convince you.

There are some people on this Earth—old people—who regret not having live. Not having gone after what they love.

Instead of telling you stories about how they chose to do the thing they always wanted, they’re going to tell you about how they wish they had done those things when they were younger.

You don’t want to be that person. You don’t want to be the person who will have only regret because they didn’t have the guts to follow their dreams when they were younger. You’ll only be haunted by ghosts of the past instead of filled with pride and stories and fulfillment.

If you start chasing your dreams, you’re going to be so much more than that elderly person. You’re going to be remembered as someone who risked it all and did what they loved.


Photo by: Pixa Bay

Unlike most people, you’ll actually be happy with your life!

I’ve heard so many people complain about their bosses, and coworker, and jobs, and traffic and getting up early, and blah, blah, blah.

You won’t be one of those people. You’re going to be the person that someone looks at in awe because they won’t believe that you actually like what you do.

Everyone wants to be happy, but no one does anything about it. By chasing your dreams, you can actually be happy. You won’t constantly be wishing because you’re too busy being.

Even if you’re failing, and making mistakes, and screwing everthing up, you’re happier than the people who aren’t even trying.


Picture by: Ethan Weil

I want you to imagine this:

You’re old as shit—white hair, wrinkles, the works—and you’re sitting on a rocking chair because why shouldn’t we go with cliché? Anyway, your grandchildren are sitting in front of you, and they ask you—what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

You will say 1 of 2 things:

A. That you chose to follow your dreams which brought you a lifetime of happiness that allowed you to do a lot of crazy things

B. Some stupid thing you did way back in high school

Which will inspire them? Which will motivate them to do the same?

Once you say the answer is A, you inspire them to want to take the same steps that you took. They’ll want to be just like you, just as joyful.

But this is just an example of something that could happen in the future. What about now? What about the present? Can you inspire people now?

Yes! If you simply make the decision to quit your job and start a business, a coworker could start thinking the same thing because you planted the seed.

Even if you’re not successful yet, some will discourage you, but others will admire your willpower and dedication to continue with what you love.

You’re going to inspire people to take the path that you took, and you’re going to make an impact in their lives. You’re going to inspire them to do something that they probably would’ve never done if it weren’t for you.


I. Random skills:

Maybe you don’t know what your dreams are, you’re not really sure what to follow, or which path to take. That’s why you try different things that you’re interested in.

It’s just like switching majors in college.

One year you try out baking, but you find out it’s not for you as a career choice, but now you’ve picked up an awesome skill.

The next you try writing, fashion, then finally you try making YouTube videos. You love it and you stick with it. Along the way, you picked up different skills though, and that’s really cool.

Some might even help you in your newly chosen career path. If you want to write scripts for your YouTube videos, then writing will have helped you. Maybe designing wasn’t for you, but you still like the topic, so you decide to talk about fashion on your YouTube channel.

The point is, whether you can use what you just learned in your career choice or not, you picked up a skill, and that counts. It wasn’t a waste of time. Life is about having experiences, and trying everything you can.

II. Skills you will continue to take with you forever:

Some of the skills you learn are skills that you’ll take with you forever. This can be things like self-love, strengthening your mentality or confidence that you learned along the way. These are skills that can be used in all and any areas of your life.

You can even teach these skills to others! These skills are things that you want to hold with you forever.


Picture by: Adam Whitlock

Following your dreams is just fun! You’re doing what you love, what makes you happy, and what you enjoy instead of hating your life and dreading everything about your career.

You get to get up in the morning and draw if you want to be an artist, you get to write if you want to become an author, you get build a business if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, and that’s awesome!

How many people can say that they love what they do? How many can talk to you with bright eyes and passion about what they do for a living?

Not much. Because not everyone is brave enough to do what they love, to chase their dreams.

Do you want a boring life? Or a fun one?

I hope you’re convinced to start chasing your dreams. And if you are, here’s the first thing you have to do. Turn those dreams into goals.

So, let me know, what crazy shit are you going to do in your life? What crazy dream(s) are you going to follow? See you in the comments!

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