Hey, guys! Thanks for tuning in. Today’s video is going to be about how to take care of yourself while you’re busy as shit.

Whether you’re the CEO of a startup company, a blogger who sells e-courses, or a college student trying to study for finals, you’ve probably realized that you’ve skipped a meal or 2 or that you’re stressing yourself out to the point of insanity.

Well, I totally understand why you’re doing that. You’re doing it because you want to hustle, you really want to make it, and just…finish. But, it’s completely important to take care of yourself even when you’re doing all of that stuff.

The question that you may be asking yourself is “How do I take care of myself when I’m busy?” So…


There are 3 things that you’re probably doing when it comes to food when you’re really busy and that’s either you’re skipping a meal, you’re forgetting because you’re losing track of time, or you’re eating but you’re eating a bunch of junk food and living off of Monsters.

The best thing to do when you’re skipping a meal on purpose is to remember that food provides you nutrients which then provides you with energy. And isn’t that what you want? To have more energy to work even harder? Taking that break, instead of it making you waste time, it’s really only helping you out.

If you’re forgetting to eat because you’re losing track of time, the best thing to do is to set a reminder and you can do that with your phone. Set it for when you usually have lunch or dinner and set it really loud just in case you’re distracted and don’t hear it. Instead of eating chips and living off of coffee, just go out and have a meal. Like I said, it’s going to provide you with energy and it’s gonna allow you to work even harder.


Whether or not you want to be consistent with this is up to, but by consistent I mean not if you want to do it every day. I mean a certain time. I personally believe that setting it, well for me, setting it at a specific time wouldn’t do you any good because what if you’re not tired during that time? So, I just take a 30-minute break when I feel like I’m going insane.

During this 30 minute break, I don’t mean to go on your phone and scroll mindlessly through Twitter or Instagram. I mean actually go out and take a walk, or if you’re into photography go out and take pictures, or practice your cello, or build a puzzle, or whatever. Something that’ll really take your mind off of things, like, really. Not just distract you with other people’s lives.


Have your parents ever had anyone over and then asked them if they wanted to go outside, or go to the dinner table, or stay in the living room? Well, you need to ask yourself those same questions before you start working. Ask yourself:

In what environment will I feel more comfortable in?
Do I want to stay indoors or outdoors?
Do I want to go to my patio or go to a coffee shop?

You need to realize what area will make you feel best when you’re working!


Mediation is when you get yourself into a state of profound peace and your mind goes completely silent, but is still completely aware, or so says the Internet. Meditating for 20 minutes is the equivalent of having a cup of coffee in the morning, so you’re energized and aware throughout the rest of the day. Plus, it’s proven to increase your happiness and creativity and isn’t that what you want when working?


I’ve read that a lot of people complain about the fact that that’s the first thing they do in the morning and they end up wasting a lot of time on there. What you could do is set a specific time, let’s say 3:00, to go through your emails and then set a reminder for when that’s done, so 3:10, and then right after that you go through your social media accounts and then set a reminder for when that’s over too. That way you’re not wasting a lot of time doing that.


This one may be a bit more difficult because you are busy as shit and that’s the reason you’re watching this because you want to learn how to take care of yourself more, but speaking from personal experience it did help me gather my thoughts and just to relax for a day. I do it every single Thursday and even though when I first started doing it, at night I would feel really guilty because I hadn’t worked throughout the day, but it’s not like I wasted the whole day either.

Even though I do read a fictional book or I’ll watch 3 episodes of something I’ll also listen to a podcast or read a nonfiction book that helps me improve on meditation or helps me learn more about my mind and how I control it and not the other way around. So, your can do stuff like that, where you can lay around lazily, but still, listen to Gary Vee or a Lewis Howes podcast.
If you want to learn more about how to take care of yourself I have a 21-day challenge called the 21-day challenge to getting your life together. So, if you’re interested in getting that head on to my website Itxayana.com and download it there for free. Bye guys! (You’re already here so, head to the home page and sign up!)

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