Before I begin: MAJOR SPOILER WARNING for Supergirl season 2b!

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Usually, I write some stuff here, but you’re not here for that, are you? You just want the lessons, so here they are! You’ll read about lessons Supergirl season 2b taught us not just from Supergirl AKA Kara Zor-el AKA Kara Danvers herself, but from just about all the characters on the show!


Lesson: Always keep fighting

In this episode, Kara promises a mother that she’ll find her daughter who’s gone missing. Once Supergirl and the gang find out that the girl is on another planet, Supergirl travels to said planet. Once there, she finds that her powers are gone because there’s a different sun. She can’t fight her way out of this situation, but that doesn’t stop Kara.

Just because she doesn’t have the perks she usually has, doesn’t mean that she’s just going to give up because shit just got harder.

In life, you’ll encounter more obstacles that you wish you did. What do you do? Keep fighting. You never give up because things get too hard. The obstacles will always be there, one will disappear and another will pop up. Are you going to quit because things get too uncomfortable or difficult for you?

You have to push and push until you see it through. Because Supergirl went on even though she could’ve quit easily, she fought on and got the young woman back to her mom.


Lesson: Forgiving isn’t about the other person, it’s about you

In this episode, J’onn J’onzz, who is aware that M’gann is a white alien (the race that wiped out his), is unable to help her as she’s dying. He refuses to help because he can’t find himself ever forgiving her for what her kind did to his.

But, he’s just assuming that because she’s a white alien, she’s done terrible stuff. He judges her by her past without knowing what it really was. He finally finds out that she was actually someone who hated what her race did and tried to save a few green aliens, and his feelings changed.

Alex reminds us when J’onn is struggling to decide whether or not he should save M’gann, that forgiving isn’t about the other person. Forgiving is about you. It’s about allowing yourself to feel free again.

me @ you when you don’t forgive other people for your own sake


Lesson: Don’t bury your feelings

In this episode, Kara is hurt when Alex makes plans to see The Barenaked Ladies in concert with Maggie on the day of her Earth birthday. But, even though Kara’s feelings are hurt, she doesn’t say anything to Alex about it, not wanting to be a bother to her sister and her girlfriend. Eventually, Kara does tell her how she feels (well, sort of) and confesses that she’s afraid of losing her.

Alex tells her that could never happen and comforts her. But, you see how it all was? Kara could’ve been fine much earlier that day if she’d have told her how she felt instead of feeling like crap all day.

You should always share with people how you feel. If someone is doing something to hurt you, you should talk to them about it. Don’t bury your feelings. It only hurts you more and more the more you contain them. You’re not a bother to anyone for telling them how you feel.

LUTHORS (2x12)

Lesson 1: Accept everyone

Lesson 2: Fight for those you love

Lesson 1 shouldn’t need much explaining, but unfortunately, it does. I added this because of the scene in this episode where Alex introduces Maggie as her girlfriend to her friends and how do they react? They’re happy for her! Mon-el, who’s from a different planet, even says “Is that supposed to be a problem here are Earth?”

Honestly, stop judging people. Accept everyone as easily as they accepted the fact that 2 women were dating. What people define themselves as, their sexuality, their religion, is just that–– who they are. And you don’t have a right to judge them for it.

You should also fight for the people that you love and believe in their goodness even if everyone else in the world in against them. Like how Kara defended Lena when she was arrested for a crime everyone thought she had committed. Kara refused to stop believing in her friend and eventually she was right about her. But no one would’ve known if Kara had just gone along with what everybody else thought.


Lesson: Don’t be afraid to open up

In this episode, Maggie and Alex had a fight because Maggie got angry at Alex for doing something for Valentine’s Day after she specifically told her not to. Alex was obviously confused because Maggie wasn’t explaining anything to her. Why? Because she, like a lot of people, didn’t want to throw her problems into someone else’s hands, but she was afraid for no reason. Alex supported and comforted her.

I understand that sometimes you feel like a bother to people for showing your feelings, or telling them your problems, but what good will that do you? Don’t be afraid to open up to others. There are perks to this, too. For example, you’ll feel good to let out whatever you’ve been holding and the other person might feel special because you opened up to them.

We’re all here to help one another out, so stop hesitating. Show your feelings.


Lesson: Don’t ever let people shut you down

I’m not saying that I dislike Mon-el, but in this episode, I did. I’m sure everyone did. Don’t ever let people shut down what you have to say, your thoughts, or your opinions. That’s what Mon-el did to Kara and Kara being the badass that she is wasn’t having any of it. Stand up for yourself when someone does that.

You are not an object or toy to be controlled. You are a human with valid feelings and thoughts and you deserve to be heard.

EXODUS (2x15)

Lesson: Even if you’re alone, fight for what you believe in

Alex killed it in this episode when she fought for her father alone because she believed that he was still the man that he was before he was taken. Even though everyone disagreed, she continued to fight for him. Even when she was kicked off the case after J’onn tricked her by pretending to be Jeremiah.

Sometimes people won’t believe you. When you tell them that you want to start your own business, become an actress, or that you’re going to earn 6 figures online by teaching people how to knit, they’ll scoff and say yeah, right.

Hopefully, you do have some support, but a lot of people, those you know and even strangers, will say anything to discourage you because they’re afraid for you. It’s too different for them to comprehend. But, you have to fight for what you believe in. Ignore them and work until you reach your goal. Go against all odds and persevere.


Lesson: Don’t lie or “hold back the truth” to the people you care about

Admittedly, there are times when you will be judged for the truth. People will get mad at you, but hiding a truth about something is selfish. It’s not up to you to decide that it’s better to keep something to yourself because it’ll hurt the other person.

Mon-el hid the fact that he was Prince of Daxam from his girlfriend, Kara because he knew that she wouldn’t like it. Well, like I said, that wasn’t up to him to decide. It was for Kara to decide how she would take the information.

Also, because he hid it for so long, Kara didn’t even find out from him, but from his parents. Hide things for too long and you might lose the opportunity to tell that person yourself.

The person you care about deserve to know the truth and they can decide what to do with it.


Lesson: Trust the people you’re supposed to trust, people are placed in your life to help you

In this episode, Maggie, again, refrains from letting Alex in and telling her about a relationship that lasted 5 years until she cheated on her girlfriend at the time. Alex, being the oh-so-supportive girlfriend says…

Trust the people who care about you. Don’t hold back your feelings because if they say they care about you, they care about all of you. Not just certain parts of you. So, open up 🙂

People are placed in your life because they’re there to help you. Maybe this is just me because I do believe in fate, but you might have a certain friend in your life to give you all the advice you need.

Think about it this way, any other person could’ve judged Maggie for having cheated and broken up with her, not knowing if they could trust her, but Alex was placed in her life. (I know it’s all fiction, but bear with me.) Alex understood her and didn’t judge, she actually offered to help her heal.

People are placed in your life like that, to help you grow, to make you smile, to piss you off so you can prove them wrong, to be there for you. Accept it and let them be there.


Lesson: Trust those you’re closest to

The scene that we learned this lesson from is very small, but it’s so refreshing. Towards the end of this episode, Kara lets Lena know that her ex-boyfriend is actually some evil dude that needs to be defeated. Instead of seeing what we always see, friend 1 getting mad at friend 2 for making up lies and having this whole fight, Lena accepts it. Obviously, she’s disappointed, but Lena believes her friend and she’s right.

So right actually that she kinda kills her ex-boyfriend in the end…

ALEX (2x19)

Lesson: You can’t always go at it alone

Supergirl and Maggie obviously have completely different strategies when it comes to catching the bad guys, so when the bad guy comes after someone they both love, it’s hell for like the whole freaking episode.

When Alex is taken by someone from the Danvers sisters’ past who knows Supergirl’s identity, Maggie and Supergirl butt heads a bit (a lot). Maggie believes that the approach to getting her girlfriend back should be planned out while Supergirl just wants to punch everyone in her way.

However, in the end, it turns out that they’re both right. They needed each other to balance out. They wouldn’t have saved Alex if it weren’t for their beliefs and taking each other’s perspective into consideration.

Sometimes, you can’t fight a battle alone. You need to ask for help and accept the advice that’s given to you even if you think it’s weird or dumb. Being part of a team isn’t always a bad idea.


Lesson: You’re a freaking superhero

James reminded us that superheroes don’t need suits and superpowers. Superheroes, inspirations, idols, they all come in different forms.

  • You could be a person who saves an old lady’s life when a mugger tries to steal her purse and you swoop in and literally kick their ass
  • You could save lives by being an amazing chef and feeding the less fortunate
  • You could act and touch people’s lives like Chyler Leigh (Alex) and Floriana Lima (Maggie) who have helped other’s come out and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) has reminded us girls that are strong too

James used only his words, with a tone of powerful love underneath them, to refrain the aliens from destroying National City. You too are a superhero, whether you believe it or not.

RESIST (2x21)

Lesson: Resist

The title of the episode says it all. I’m going to break down the speech that Cat Grant gave and make it our own.

“I can imagine that you’re feeling afraid and feeling like your world is spinning out of control. But, believe me, you have power. And right now you got a job to do.”

You feel like you’re going crazy. Your inner demons, self-doubt, and hatred, are all taking over, right? But you have the ultimate power, the upper hand.

“Resist. Resist these invaders with everything you’ve got.”

Don’t pay attention to those demons. With everything in your, ignore those fuckers.

“They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again, and yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great. They think they can con us. And if that doesn’t work, what? They’re going to beat us into submission? They have no idea who they’re up against.”

These demons make you feel comfortable. Fear promises safety, self-doubt promises that you get to stay in comfort, insecurity tells you that you don’t really need to love yourself. They think that staying put is the best thing for you and they’re trying to make you believe them. But even though you think you should be afraid of them, they are beyond wrong.

Your demons should be afraid of you.

“We need to stand up and fight back. Everyone needs to be a superhero. Everyone needs to get up and say, “Not in my house.” Let’s prove to these thugs that we are strong, and we’re united, and we are not going to be conquered.”

Your job is to fight with everything you got. Use your superpowers of love, determination, confidence, and perseverance do defeat them. Your mind, body, and soul are YOURS. Not the demons. It’s your home, not theirs. Fight on and prove to your demons that you are strong and not to be conquered, but to be the conqueror.


Lesson: Fight

In the final episode of the season, the Daxamites still have control of National City, so Supergirl challenges Rhea to a one-on-one battle. Unfortunately, they still cause chaos as they attack the City. Supergirl is forced to use the box that Lena changed to release led and Rhea dies and the Daxamites leave.

But, holy shit, was this episode incredible. Supergirl taught us that we have to fight on, even when the biggest obstacle is put in front of is, in her case it was Kryptonite. She also had to make a huge sacrifice, losing her boyfriend, in order to save Earth.

Sometimes that’s what fighting is, making sacrifices. Fighting is crying and being vulnerable. Fighting is overcoming and facing the problem. Fighting is going after something, not knowing whether you’re going to win or lose. Fighting is trying.

So, fight. Always fight.

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