Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Firstly, I wanted to apologize for not uploading a video last Wednesday. I had a family emergency, but to make up for it I’m uploading a video this week, next week, and the week after that. Today’s topic is going to be about why you matter!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought what’s my purpose? Or you see these celebrities online, inspiring others, and you feel bad because all you keep thinking is why do I matter?

You may not think that you have a purpose, or that you matter, but I’m here to tell you that you do! Everybody has a purpose, it’s a clichè, but it’s the truth.

The problem is that I think we’re all focusing on what our big purpose is– the reason we’re here on Earth. I think that we do have that big purpose, and I think it has to do a lot with what you choose to do as a career, but there’s also all these little purposes in between.

There’s a little purpose for you every single day.

And sometimes, you may not even realize it, but you matter!

For example, let’s say that I went out and I’m walking down the street and some stranger passes by me and I smile at her. That could make the biggest difference in her life. What if she desperately needed someone to pay attention to her, someone to notice her, someone to simply smile at her? And I did that.

And now I’ve, all of a sudden made an impact in her life in some way. No matter how small or big, I made an impact.

And that’s how it is. We’re focusing way too much on this big purpose that we forget we have these little purposes too.

Sometimes you may not even realize that you’ve affected someone else’s life and I guess that’s why we tend to think that we don’t actually matter on Earth because sometimes we don’t see the impact we have on someone’s life.

But, like, the example where I smile at this person and it makes a difference, they’re not going to tell me, “Thank you so much for smiling at me, you just made my life better,” or whatever.

You just have to live your life being you.

You have to believe that in some shape or form you’re making the world a better place and these people, strangers or family or friends, they’re not always going to tell you, “Thank you for helping me,” or, “Thank you for giving me advice.” You just have to believe, yourself, that you’re here because you’re making a difference.

You have to keep in mind that sometimes you just won’t get the acknowledgment for it, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a purpose!

You matter because you have something that nobody else on this planet has. Every single person is unique, it’s insane! No one has ever been exactly like you and no one will ever be exactly like you.

We all have similarities, but there’s this one thing you have that nobody else has. It’s this one thing that’s going to make a huge impact. You may not even know what it is, but it’s making a difference.

You matter because there is someone out there looking for that specific thing that you have. There are people out there who are rooting for you and waiting for to make a youtube video and give them advice. There’s someone out there waiting for you to love them. There’s someone waiting for you to give them the thing they’ve always craved that they’ve not found in somebody else.

Every single day you’re going to make an impact in somebody’s life. Unfortunately, it will not always be good, sometimes you’ll hurt others because we’re humans and we make mistakes, but you have to try to make everyone feel like they matter.

Making others feel like they matter will make you feel like you matter, too. It’s like you give, but you’re still receiving because it’s making you happy. It’s a win-win situation, right?

Now, I want to get back to when I said that you’re making a difference simply by being you. I saw this quote, well I read it in a book called The Charge by Brendon Burchard and I loved it and I think it’s perfect for this video.

“Too many people don’t recognize the fact that simply being who they are is contributing significantly to the world.”

For some reason, we don’t like to acknowledge our greatness and that may sound egotistical, but we’re all intelligent, and beautiful, and smart and we’re really strong. We all encounter so much shit in our lives, yet we continue to fight on. But, I’m going off on a tangent.

So, like I said, we don’t like to acknowledge our greatness.

Being you is so incredibly strong of you because not a lot of people can do that. And actually being true to yourself is making a huge difference in the world.

Like, if a friend asks you for advice, and you give them advice, and they’re better the next day, you just made an impact in someone life. If you tell a joke and you make your best friend laugh, you just made an impact in their life. You brought them joy.

If you see a stranger crying in the bathroom and you hug them, you just made a difference in their life. We’re not counting all these little purposes. We’re too busy focusing on this big huge one that we’re not acknowledging the small ones and that matter just as much!

To you, they may not seem like a big deal, paying for someone’s food, or telling a joke, those are all super simple stuff, but it’s making a difference, it’s making an impact in someone life, right?

There is no denying that! You’re making a difference.

You can’t say that you don’t matter because what if that joke you told is passed around, you know? Your best friend tells another friend, and then that friend tells her mom, and it just continues and now you’re making everyone laugh and that all started because of you.

I know you may feel like you don’t matter or that you don’t have a place in this world, but I promise you that you definitely do.

I once read a story, I don’t know where I read it, probably on tumblr– it’s probably not even real– but it had a great impact on me anyway. It was that someone was riding a bus and they were overhearing another person talk to someone on the phone and this advice that this person was telling their friend over the phone actually had an impact on that person’s life.

You see what I mean? Sometimes you may not be direct, you’re not even talking to a person, but you can still be changing lives if someone overhears a conversation.

You can’t say that you don’t matter because you mean that world to so many people. So many people love you for everything that you are and they’re so glad that you’re alive. So, please! No matter what, just keep fighting and never give up. You mean…everything.

Thank you so much for watching, this is the end of this video just remember that you matter, no matter how much you think don’t, you absolutely freaking matter. But, thank you so much for watching once again, bye!

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